Jewellery sets for 3 Generations: Grandma - Mother - Daughter

Do you also enjoy a great relationship with your family? These 3 Generation Jewellery sets by KAYA symbolise the inextricable bond between grandmother, mother and granddaughter. The little girl will wear the key to the locks of grandma and mum. How cute is that? Or you can choose 3 puffed up heart charms.

Family - Where Life begins and Love never ends

With the Grandma & Mum & Me bracelet set you will receive two ladies' bracelets and one girls' bracelet. The set is offered at a reduced price and each bracelet is separately gift wrapped in a silk jewellery pouch, instantly ready to give. If there are more granddaughters and grandmothers, you can simply add more bracelets for an even lower price. 

Extra lucrative & Made from the finest materials

Our collection has a lot of special items, but for a truely remarkable occasion choose the three generation bracelets 'Infinity White' with Key to my Heart. This set symbolises the love between the three generations beautifully. The bracelets are made from the best quality pearls, Swarovski crystals and little silver rings.
The Grandma & Mum & Me set 'Little star' with heart charm is also a real eye catcher. The bright white pearls sparkle between the pink crystal and mother-of-pearl stars and will make your special party truely unforgettable.

Silver plated or solid .925 sterling silver?

Our three generation sets are available in silver plated or solid silver.
Click here for the silver plated collection.
Click here for the solid .925 sterling silver collection.

What you see on these pages is merely a selection of our jewellery. We can deliver all Mum & Me jewellery as a three generation set. Do you have any special wishes? Just let us know at [email protected].