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Show your love for each other

Are you so fortunate to enjoy great relationships across generations? These 3 Generation Jewellery sets by KAYA symbolise the powerful and beautiful link between grandmother, mother and granddaughter. The Key to my Heart collection features a key on the girls' bracelet and two locks on the ladies' bracelets: so the little girl holds the key to the hearts of her grandmother and mother. Isn't that lovely? You can also choose .925 Sterling silver heart charms.
All jewellery are made of Sterling Silver.

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With the Grandmother & Mother & Granddaughter bracelet set you will receive two ladies' bracelets and one girls' bracelet. Made from luxury materials like freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, precious stones and .925 Sterling silver. The set is offered at a reduced price and each bracelet is separately gift wrapped in a lovely silk jewellery pouch, ready to give. If there are more granddaughters and grandmothers, you can simply add more bracelets at a reduced price.  

3 Generation set for 3 adults?

Sometimes I get requests for three adult bracelets. Of course this is possible, even without extra costs.
Just choose the largest girls' size (16cm) and then add a remark (at the end of the order process) that you would like a ladies' necklace instead of a girls' necklace (and add which ladies' size). In this case we give Grandma the lock and the other two bracelets get the key to Grandma's heart. A winner!