10 Tips to Keep in Mind While Taking Care of Jewellery

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We all love to wear jewellery to enhance the way we look. The art to smart dressing is layering it with the right set of jewellery. So, you can either dress up or dress down by wearing the perfect jewellery. Needless to say, we all have hordes of jewellery in our cupboard. It is important that we take good care of these pieces so that they last longer.

Here are 10 ways to protect your jewellery in case you are a jewellery lover.

Keep them separate: The first tip about safe keeping of jewellery is to keep them separate. The biggest mistake most of us make is mixing the silver and gold jewellery we own. Though, they are low maintenance, you need to keep them in separate pouches so that the color does not fade.

Keep them away from perfumes: Another grave mistake we make is applying perfume on our jewellery pieces. Most of us get ready and then apply perfume on ourselves. Inadvertently, we end up coating our jewellery with perfume in the deal.

Keep heirlooms in muslin: Are you a proud owner of your mum’s jewellery. These heirloom pieces need to be kept with extra care. You can wrap them in muslin and keep them in separate pouches for extra protection.

Clean them before storing: Another important factor is to clean the jewellery pieces before storing them. Take a clean muslin cloth dipped in soap and gently wipe the jewellery pieces.

Keep silver white: During monsoons, the silver jewellery has a tendency to turn black. To prohibit the same you need to wipe them with toothpaste and then store them.

Clean precious stone jewels: Jewellery with precious stones look beautiful. Take good care of them by dipping them in a mixture of soapy water before storing them in boxes.

Keep trinkets in boxes: If you have loads of baby jewellery with you, then keep them in separate boxes to avoid them getting all mixed up.

Keep gemstones separately: Another tip for jewellery lovers is to store their gemstones separately. Ensure that you keep your pearls and corals separately. Ideally, keep them in separate transparent boxes, so that they do not get mixed easily.

Keep them away from sunscreen: Most of us prefer to laze around and take a sun bath while flaunting beautiful jewellery pieces. Most of the mother daughter jewellery pieces get smothered with sunscreen in this deal.  Little do we realize that the sunscreen actually damages the jewellery. Hence, avoid wearing jewellery when you are out to sun bathe. Also, in case of extreme conditions ensure that you wipe them clean before storing them.

Keep stone studded separately: Most of us love to flaunt heavy stone studded jewel. Now, though they are good to look at, they are high maintenance. You need to ensure that the gemstones do not come off. In order to prevent that, ensure that you keep these stone studded jewels on cotton sheets placed on the box .

Keep the above 10 tips in mind while taking care of your jewellery.