Decoding Birth Stones And Their Healing Power

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I was recently rummaging through my mum’s jewelry and realized that majority of her jewellery have deep blue sapphire, that is, her birthstone on them. When I asked my mother if it’s a mere coincidence or she genuinely believed that her birth month stone brought her good luck her answer intrigued me. She opened an unknown world to me by saying that birthstones have healing power that are beneficial in the long run.

So, here I am delving into this unknown territory of birthstones and its healing power.

Red Garnet For January Born

Birthstone jewellery for January born must have a red garnet embedded in them. Garnet is known to energize us and give us a boost of energy. The colour of the stone reminds one of blood and hence it is also known to cure loads of blood related ailments.

Amethyst For February

Amethyst is the stone for February. The purple colour stone eludes serenity, royalty and peace. This stone is known to cure hormone related disorders and nervous system related ailments.

Aquamarine For Pisces

Pisceans have aquamarine as their birthstone. This is known to calm the mind and the soul of the wearer. It heals and is known to focus energy and brings about both mental and emotional wellbeing.

Diamond For April Born

Diamonds is the birthstone for april borns. It is known to be ideal for the strong willed and stubborn mind. It amplifies energy and brings clarity in thought process to the wearer. It also helps to de clutter thoughts and heal depression.

Green Emerald For Taurus

This is a majestic gem stone . It is known to heal infections. It heals ailments like sinus and eye infections. It is also supposed to make the wearer fertile and conceive easily.

Pearl For June People

Pearl the innocent gem is ideal for june people. It is known to cure ailments related to the digestive system. It is also known to ease childbirth process.

Blood Red Ruby For July

If you are born in your July then your birthstone jewellery must have red ruby. It is known to help people feel energetic and increases vigor. It also detoxifies the blood and cures ailments in lymphatic system.

Peridot For Leo’s

Peridot is a stone that is known to cure depression. The yellow and green hues of the stone helps sensitive people to gain confidence. It also eases stress.

Sapphire For September Born

Now, we come to the jewellery for mum with her favorite birthstone sapphire. This deep blue stone exudes wisdom and purity to the wearer. It heals damaged walls of the vein and cure bleeding. It also calms the wearer in difficult situations.

Opal For October People

Opal is the Birthstone for those born in October . This stone is known to regulate insulin and heal kidney related issues.

Topaz For Scorpio

Topaz is the birthstone for November borns. It is known to provide strength to the wearer and balance them. It is also known to relive them from tension.

Turquoise For December

This is a healing stone that is known to boost the immunity system. It also heals the worn out tissues and the whole body. It also eases the wearer from pain.

So , now that I have understood the magic of birthstones, I will buy mum daughter jewellery with our birthstones on them for healing benefits.