How To Buy The Perfect Piece Of Jewellery For Your Mum?

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So, Mother’s Day is around the corner and you are looking to buy a perfect gift item. Mum jewellery is the classic gift item which a mother will cherish all throughout her life. Whether it is Mother’s Day, Christmas occasion, New Year Eve or your mother’s birthday, handcrafted jewellery makes up perfect gift item.

Mothers do enjoy receiving jewellery pieces from their children. But, when you buy any piece of jewellery for your world, your mother, keep in mind certain factors. Make sure you get the value for the money and do not end up paying too much for the fake pieces of jewellery. Go for estate jewellery since your mother may have a personal attachment with a certain style or piece of jewellery.

Jewelleries are always expensive. So, it is good to take recommendations from friends and family and then make a purchase. Before you buy any jewellery piece, check with the Better Business Bureau. Check out the refund and return policy when making purchases. If buying online, maintain a printout of the online transaction and the details of the website.

14 carat gold or gold plated jewellery piece

When buying jewellery for mum, you must understand the material options. Some of the materials are gold, silver, platinum and others. There is great difference between gold plated jewellery and 14 carat gold. If it is 14 carat gold, the material has 14 parts of gold and then 10 parts of other metals. On the other hand, gold plated jewellery has the layering of 10 carat gold which is bonded to some base metal. Gold plating generally wears away and a lot is dependent on how often it is worn.

Naturally mined gemstones or lab created gems

There is difference between the gemstones created in the laboratory and the ones that are mined. Stones that are created in the lab are just identical to the mined ones. The lab created piece will be less expensive than the mined gemstone. The kind of treatments like heating, bleaching or dyeing may affect the quality of the stone. It is a great option to choose gemstones.

Should you buy real pearls?

Well, if your mum loves pearl jewellery, you can gift a piece of jewellery carrying real or fake pearls. Whether you prefer bracelets for mum or pendants, chains, a lot depends on your budget. Imitation pearls are handmade while the real pearls are made by mollusks and oysters. The cost of the pearl is dependent on the size.

Buying diamond jewellery

If you are in a good budget, go for diamond jewellery. While buying any of the diamond items, do consider the 4Cs or cut, clarity, colour and carat of the diamond. You can buy a necklace carrying diamonds, a pair of earrings or a diamond chain to surprise your mum.

The ones who are gifting mum jewellery, they can also choose sterling silver or gold chains for mum. Omega style chains are also popular. Silver Jewellery is also appropriate as it can suit any of the skin tones. With the advent of the internet, it is easy to find earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and sets.