Intensify the mother-daughter friendship bond with mum jewellery

The relationship and bond between a mother and a daughter is extremely intricate and might seem ‘complicated’ at times. One extremely interesting thing about this relationship is that it keeps on changing from time to time – to be specific, with the age of the daughter. Though love and bond cannot be measured tangibly, the intensity of the emotions keeps on increasing in this association with passage of time.

Childhood and growing years

During infancy and childhood years, a mother is always protective and caring for the daughter, taking care of every small thing that the little one needs. The mother sees her second childhood through her daughter. She dresses the toddler girl prettily, accessorizes her and does things that she might have wanted to do as a kid.

A little grown up, when the small girl stomps all around the house in the heels of her mother and says that she wants to be like her when she grows up, the mother is elated. But things change as the little girl grows up and enters her adolescent years. She becomes overprotective. And this is when small conflicts start taking place. Things that seem right to the teenager daughter might not be proper for the mom.

Development of the friendship bond

It is said that moms are stricter with daughters and all this for security and protectiveness. But along with this, if mothers are slightly flexible in various things, they can surely become best friends with their daughter. And when a mom and daughter become best friends, both have true companions for life. For that, it is important to develop that hidden connection and efforts from both ends are needed for the same.

In the present generation, daughters and mothers have a kind of companionship, which is adorable. Connecting to each other has become easier; one can share one’s feelings and emotions with one another unhesitatingly. Generation gap has reduced and mothers can understand the requirements of the daughter and vice versa. This developed sense of mutual understanding has triggered a sense of compatibility, which has made the relationship more beautiful.

Take a look around and you will find mothers and daughters going out for movies, lunches, dinners, shopping etc together. And this is possible as both have that wavelength and frequency of gelling together like friends. Ask your mom and she would never have imagined something of this sort with her mother; though your mom might have shared a wonderful relation with your maternal grandmother. 

Celebrating the bond of friendship between mother and daughter

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