Precious Jewellery Pieces to Giveaway as Christening Gift

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If you are looking to gift something precious on the event of baptism and Christening, nothing can beat jewellery pieces. A jewellery piece is the perfect Christening gift. Christening is the very special occasion that marks the very beginning of the child’s journey of faith and belief in God. It is important to choose an item which reflects the theme of the event.

If you scratch your head and try to chalk out unique Christening gifts, there are many options like the Bible, the prayer book, charm bracelet to add to the charm of the occasion. Christening jewellery gift can express love and hope for the future. A new charm or piece of jewellery can enhance the bond and commemorate the event. It can be kept as keepsake as the child grows and need not be worn all the time.

Should you consider giving earrings?

If the ears of the child are pierced or if it will get pierced at the later stage, you may consider gifting earrings. Earrings carrying pearls will certainly look great and even the silver studs would appear to be classy. If you wish, you can gift Christening necklace with a cross along with the pair of earrings. It will protect the child on the life’s journey.

Seeking personalized baby jewellery

If you are eagerly seeking baby jewellery item for baptism or upcoming Christening ceremony, you should look forward to gifting customized pieces carrying the name of the baby. There are a lot many online stores selling gold and silver jewellery pieces at affordable rates. Now, it is possible to buy a perfect jewellery piece for the child. To give a different look to the piece, you may consider buying yellow, white or red golden piece. The wonderful gift item will remind the child how much you love and care for the child. It is already an established fact that baby gold jewellery is always made from best quality gold and so the baby can wear it forever. One can also gift a ring carrying the engraved name of the baby to be worn as a pendant. The beautiful piece may be worn on the chain by the girl when she turns 16. It will act as a token of love and remind the girl how adorned she is. Similarly, you can gift, Christening bracelet carrying the name of the baby.

Silver for baby jewellery

For baby jewellery, silver is the wonderful choice. It is an elegant gift option which is the gift of the lifetime. Add some birthstone and gemstone to make it more precious. If you wish to gift something very special, you can gift precious ring with the emerald stone. Gemstones can enhance the beauty of the jewellery piece manifolds, and these stones have several astrophysical benefits as well.

It is good to engrave some initials and scriptures on the jewellery piece to impart a special meaning. With the gold baby jewellery carrying precious gemstones and crystals, you can give special meaning to the Christening tradition.