This Christmas re-propose your wife with engraved rings

This Christmas re-propose your wife with engraved rings

Marriage proposals are often testing times for a man. Both of you are the best of buddies, have been through thick and thin, shared secrets, love each other and know that both of you cannot do without the other. But still when it comes to proposing marriage, there is a tension that builds up. And when the proposal gets accepted with a ‘yes’, it is probably the most ecstatic moment for the couple. The ring with which you propose should be a well chosen one. Engraved rings are a popular choice with many men. The engraving can be just a ‘heart sign’, ‘I Love You’, both your initials etc.

Re-proposing – making married life more interesting and surprising

Have you ever thought as how it would be to re-propose your wife? Your first proposal before wedding might not have been the way you wanted it to be. This Christmas, make plans of re-proposing your wife and she is going to love it absolutely. And the first thing that is needed for the re-proposal is a ring. You must have gifted her with wedding ring and the engagement ring. This ring should be different from the two. There are innumerable jewellery stores and you can look for different kinds of rings there for your wife. Rings with engraved text are a popular choice with many women today. These rings can be in band form and made of gold, silver, platinum etc. Purchase one according to your choice and budget.  

Double the happiness of Christmas with re-proposal to wife or by proposing your girlfriend

Christmas is a time for happiness and merry-making. It is natural that everyone is in a joyous and happy mood during this time of the year. How about making the festive times all the better and happier? If you are thinking to propose your girlfriend, this is the right time to do so. After the mass, take her to a side, give her a long Christmas kiss and get down on your knees for the proposal. She will be too surprised and elated and the answer to the proposal will definitely be in affirmative. Invite her to the Christmas party and lunch and declare your decision. The shine on her face will overshadow the shine of the diamond ring you gave her during proposal.

Christmas is also the time of patching up with friends and family with whom there are discords. If there is some bitterness within your wife and you, Christmas is the time when you can re-propose your wife, take her by complete surprise and start your life afresh with only sweetness and good things. And the proposal cannot be complete without text rings engraving jewellery. Rings can be personalized with engravings and majority of standard jewellery stores now offer such facilities to customers.

Since demands of customized and personalized jewelleries are on the rise, most jewellery stores are keeping a different section for the same. Personalized jewelleries with engravings can turn into memories and cherishable gifts for lifetime.