What Size of Children's Jewellery should you Choose?

As a start, you can use the size chart below. If you want to be more certain of the exact size, you can first measure the wrist of your child before you order. But don’t worry; almost all of our children’s jewellery comes with an extension chain of 3cm for bracelets and 4cm for necklaces, to make sure there is a perfect fit. And if it still happens to be a less than perfect fit, you can exchange your children’s jewellery for a different size with no extra charge (you only pay for the return postage).

How to Measure the Right Size?

For a bracelet: Take a ribbon or a piece of string and twist it fairly tightly around the wrist (just above the wrist bone). Put the string next to a ruler and read the correct measurement. Then add the following for a perfect fit:
- for children: add approximately 1 cm
- for adults: add approximately 1.5 cm.
For a necklace: If you have selected a special dress for your little girl, you will want to make sure the necklace teams up perfectly with it. To get the correct measurement, use a ribbon or a piece of string and put it around the neck of your girl to decide the desired length for her necklace. Remember: our necklaces come with a 4cm extension chain!

Size Chart for Children’s Bracelets

If you want the jewellery to be a surprise or a gift, just use the chart. All of the bracelets come with a 3cm extension chain. This will make sure they can wear their bracelets for at least a few years longer. Below is a table of average sizes for baby and children’s jewellery:

0– 6 months: 11cm
6 month – 2 years: 12 cm
2 - 4 years: 13 cm
4 - 6 years: 14 cm
6 - 8 years: 15 cm
8 - 15 years: 16 cm