How Solid is the Jewellery?

Are you worried that your girl might break her jewellery? We design children’s jewellery to be very firm. We use strong double silk thread for pearl necklaces for a professional jewellery design. We also add lots of knots between the beads and pearls to make our necklaces very strong and hard to be torn. On our bracelets we use a special flexible component that is created with 49 strands of steel wound around each other and covered in a soft-white nylon. So, our jewellery is excellent for children; both flexible and strong. My youngest daughter, Sanne (3 years old), the tomboy of the family, is my volunteer to test how strong our jewellery is. ;-) Sanne spends the whole day wearing the bracelet, which means that she goes to the playground, jumps, climbs, and runs while wearing her bracelet. Only when the bracelet passes the 'Sanne test', it becomes available to you on our website.

No Children’s Jewellery is Unbreakable

All our jewellery is as safe as possible, with durability in mind, but no jewellery is unbreakable, nor should it be. The jewellery should snap under a certain tension. Because our jewellery contains small parts, it is recommended that children under 3 years old should always be under supervision while wearing the jewellery. Never leave a baby or toddler unattended with the jewellery. Remove the jewellery when your child is playing, taking a bath, or sleeping. Jewellery for babies and toddlers is primarily intended as a keepsake, to wear during special occasions and to cherish for later.

Baby Jewellery for Little Urchins

For babies and toddlers, we have little baby bracelets that are primarily intented as a keepsake in memory of the birth, baptism, to dress her up for a baby photo shoot and to cherish for later. For very young children, jewellery is not meant to be worn daily, only for special occasions and always under supervision.
If your jewellery happens to break within the first month, through no fault of your own, it is not a problem. We will send you another one for free with no fuss! If this happened after three months, we can still exchange it for a new one, but will ask for a small fee.