Christmas Gifts for Baby & Child

christmas gift for girls

Looking for a special christmas gift for baby & child?

The birth is the most unforgettable moment for a mummy. Give her a keepsake that will remind her of this special moment in her life. We have special jewellery as a gift for a newborn baby. These pieces of jewellery are powerful gifts, they have meaning and can create lifelong memories and relationships between the giver and recipient. You can find the best collection of baby bracelets at KAYA.

KAYA is known from famous Dutch lifestyle magazines: Happinez - Fabulous Mama - Viva mama - Libelle - Wij - Ouders van nu - Veronica 

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Christmas Baby Jewellery Gifts

Baby's first Christmas is filled with special milestones. The most wonderful time of year is even more wonderful now that you’re a parent. Revel in this once-in-a-lifetime moment with specially engraved silver jewellery.

Personalised Christmas Jewellery

Jewellery is all about the memories associated with it, and this first Christmas is a biggie. So commemorate it with a sweet necklace or bracelet you’ll love pulling out year after year. Gift your baby with a personalized bracelet or necklace with baby’s name.

Special Christmas Gifts from Kaya!

Kaya Jewellery knows how much parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents and godparents as well as family friends, love to give a gift that she'll keep for her whole life. With that in mind we've stocked our .925 sterling silver baby bracelets with the sorts of baby gifts that will become their family heirlooms.