Christmas Gifts for Mother and Daughter

christmas gift for mother and daughter

Looking for a special christmas gift for Mother and Daughter?

The birth is the most unforgettable moment for a mummy. Give her a keepsake that will remind her of this special moment in her life. We have special jewellery as a gift for a newborn baby. These pieces of jewellery are powerful gifts, they have meaning and can create lifelong memories and relationships between the giver and recipient. You can find the best collection of baby bracelets at KAYA.

KAYA is known from famous Dutch lifestyle magazines: Happinez - Fabulous Mama - Viva mama - Libelle - Wij - Ouders van nu - Veronica 

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Like Mother, Like Daughter…

It's always with great pride that we present a unique Christmas gift to someone. Mother Daughter bond is always the strongest bond. Gifting a matching mother daughter bracelet or necklace will make your bond much stronger and special. This matching jewellery can become your future heirloom.

Best Christmas Gift for the Ladies in house!

This year, you want to find your ladies something a little more original, something different. Find Christmas gifts for them on Kaya Jewellery, and then give them that added touch with personalization.

Quality Guaranteed

The quality maintained by Kaya is always top class. You won’t be disappointed with it. We use freshwater pearls and .925 sterling silver. We make sure that each piece of our jewellery is safe for kids.