Celebrate Motherhood with Meaningful Jewellery

Want to give your mum a gift for her birthday? Because she is always there for you? Or because she is the best mother in the world? You will find a lot of silver mummy jewellery on KAYA’s website that is made especially for your mother! KAYA is known for its affordable prices and fast shipping (including engraving). You can make this gift for your mum even more personal by getting her kids' names engraved, getting her a special birth hanger, a bracelet or necklace with her initials in silver (or her kids' initials) or a beautiful mama charm. New in KAYA's Mum Jewellery, is the Words of Love collection: a sterling silver washer pendant engraved with symbolic words of love. There are different texts to choose from and you can add a special charm to further personalise this trendy jewellery for mum. 

Mum Jewellery, perfectly reveal gift!

"You hold me first, you loved me first, and my heart will always be tied to yours."  Indicates the pure love towards mother and this perfect saying you can engrave on our jewellery and give as a gift to mothers or your loved ones.

You can make this gift for your mum even more personal by getting her children's names engraved.


Wear your loved Ones Close...Forever!

All our mummy jewellery, clasps, charms and hangers are made of .925 silver. So, you will give her a gift that lasts forever. We will give you a special polishing cloth for your jewellery so that it can always shine like it is new! Wear your loved one close to your heart.

Mum jewellery with free engraving of Names & Dates, Words of Love

Mum jewellery, jewellery with names, charms of your children’s names, birth pendants, and much more! This jewellery is exclusively made for KAYA by jewellers with years of experience in manufacturing and engraving high quality jewellery. With extreme precision they engrave your name, date, etc. on your jewellery. Many well-known jewellers are served by this workshop, and now they engrave mummy jewellery for our KAYA collection.


Special sets for Mother & Daughter

Which little girl doesn't want to look like mummy? KAYA had designed the Mum & Me collection especially for these little diva's: cute mother and daughter bracelets made of real freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystals and silver. To wear as a symbol of your special bond. Beautifully gift wrapped so it can be presented immediately.