Hand engraved jewellery, keep your loved ones close

Hand-engraved personalised Jewellery

It all started with a holiday in a small town in Italy where we met a goldsmit engraving jewellery by a true authentic style. With the hand, full of passion and love he created unique jewellery. We fell in love and created our own collection of pendants, necklaces and bracelets. This way you can keep memories or people close to you, in the form of engraved charms, bracelets and necklaces. Every bracelet, pendant or necklace is hand-engraved with passion in England. 

All engraved mum jewellery is made of Sterling Silver.

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Gorgeous and unique personalised hand engraved jewellery

Your personal words will be hand-engraved on the charm so you can carry it wherever you go. Shop for the lady in your life and treat her with a truly personalised gift. By using high quality sterling silver, KAYA makes sure you can continue wearing your high quality Jewellery for the years to come. Choose, for example, our .925 silver bracelet with a silver engraved charm with it. On the front, we engrave a name, date or word of your choice. At the back, there are many beautiful texts (or a letter) to choose from. She will love this gift!

Engraved Silver Jewellery

There is nothing sweet than face of yours. I don’t think I know any woman who doesn’t like jewellery. So, we have brought for you our silver engraved jewellery which will add a beauty to your glamorous face.

Adding an engraving to a piece of jewellery is a fantastic way to present a special someone with a gift that is truly made for them. Perhaps, you will choose to engrave your names around a ring, stamp a memorable date onto a pendant necklace or wrap a meaningful quote around a bracelet- whichever you pick, you can be sure that hand engraved silver jewellery will always be an extremely personal, thoughtful gift.

Precious Jewellery Pieces to Giveaway as a Gift

Make a special gift even more personal with something unique from our engravable jewellery collection. Whether you are in a market for wedding brands, mother daughter jewellery, baby jewellery, mum jewellery, personalized baby bracelets we are sure you will find it here.

Handmade and engraved in our London studio

We engrave all our jewellery by hand in our London studio where we use only (.925) silver. Using a cursive handwriting engraving makes all jewellery extra personal. The quality is excellent, the hand engraving is neat. Each jewellery piece comes wrapped in a silk pouch with a silver polish cloth. For each piece of jewellery, KAYA donates an amount so that a child in Gambia can go to school (CSR recognized).