Jewellery Greeting Cards for Mothers & Daughters

KAYA’s Jewellery & Card collection is a set of sweet jewellery presents for mothers & daughters together. Two identical pieces of jewellery that symbolise the special bond between mothers and daughters. Just imagine how happy and proud your girl will be when she wears the same jewellery as her mother. There is also identical jewellery that is suitable for two adult ladies.


The Love between Mother & Daughter is Forever

Do you already know the slogan above? At KAYA you will now find the most beautiful quotes and catchphrases on our cards with dainty jewellery. Browse through all the quotes and make someone happy with a well-chosen phrase straight from your heart. Do we have your favourite quote? The most special item in the mother & daughter collection is the 'Key to my heart' necklace. These amazing charms are inspired by the 19th century keys that provided access to secret gardens! The girl's bracelet comes with a key that opens the lock attached to the mother’s bracelet. Just imagine how sweet that is. 

Two Daughters or Sisters?

For two girls, we have designed special greeting cards; all the ladies will be wearing identical pieces of jewellery that will make them even more connected.