Giving Back Project Gambia

KAYA jewellery is committed to making high quality jewellery for mums and children. Owner Tanja also supports children who are not as privileged as ours, so she gives part of her profit to charity through the Eduki Foundation in the Netherlands. Last year she donated €2,500 to pay for the education of 10 children in Gambia.

Not just our children will sparkle with KAYA jewellery, also children in Gambia

We at KAYA jewellery believe that we can make a difference and that we also have a responsibility to support people in need. Wouldn't it be good if we could make the world a better place for all of us? We know this sounds like a cheesy 'feed the world' song, but we really want to give the right example to our children and believe that we have a responsibility to others. That is why KAYA donates part of her profit to the Eduki Foundation, a charity who's goal is to help underprivileged children in Gambia get an education. Last year we were able to donate €2,500 to Eduki to pay for 10 children's school fees, books, school dinners, shoes and uniforms. With the help of KAYA' s donations, 2 of these 10 pupils were performing so well in school that they had the chance to go to a private school where they can get an even better education which is a real advancement for them, their family and their entire community.

About the Eduki Foundation:

In my opinion, creating better chances for kids, starts with an education. Unfortunately, a lot of children in Gambia have never seen the inside of a school building. When Tanja started her own company in the Netherlands, she mentioned her desire to give something back to people in need. A friend then recommended the Eduki Foundation. It is a small organisation (recognised by the Dutch authorities as a charitable organisation) run by passionate volunteers who give their time selflessly. They even fly to Gambia at their own expense to make sure 100% of the donations get to where it is supposed to go. Eduki's (Education for Kids) goal is to support 100 children per year in Gambia get an education, and to keep it personal and manageable with volunteers. Tanja gets regular updates, photographs, school reports and little movies so we can really follow the children. You can find out more about this foundation and their passionate volunteers here: We keep you up to date with the children that we support through our newsletter.