Guarantee and Repairs

14 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You may return your jewellery in its original state for whatever reason up to 14 days after receipt (except custom-made engraved jewellery).
  • If you need a long-term exchange (for example because it is a gift), this is possible. Send an email beforehand to [email protected].
  • Did you order the wrong size? No problem. We will exchange it free of charge for you. The only thing you pay for is the cost of returning the package to us.

Exception: Engraved jewellery 
These are specially made for you, custom-made. This jewellery can not be sold to anybody else after return. Engraved jewellery is therefore exempt from the 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If we have made a mistake with your order (eg. a misspelling of a name), then we will make sure to correct it and you will receive a new piece of jewellery. Contact us for details.

Warranty - 1 calendar month

As much as possible, KAYA strives for a satisfied customer. Therefore, we try to be very flexible with our warranty, although not unlimited. 
European law states that a consumer can expect a piece of jewellery to be 'sound' for a logical period. That means that you may assume that your ordered product will last a certain time with normal use. 
Within the period of warranty (1 month from receiving the product) you can return a product that is defective to us for repair or - if repair fails - replacement for a similar product. The costs of returning the item back to KAYA Jewellery will be for the customer. 

To make use of this warranty service, we ask you to mail an explanation and a picture of the broken jewellery to [email protected]. We will then contact you.

There are some exceptions:

* Discolouration of precious metals 
Sterling silver can discolour (oxidize) by exposure to oxygen, perfume and sweat. 
This discolouration can be prevented in most cases or resolved by polishing with a special jewellery cloth. 

* Wear of silver or silver-plated parts 
A silver plated piece of jewellery has a thin layer of silver on a surface of non-noble metal. 
In ordinary everyday use that layer can wear off, for example, by contact with other parts of the jewellery or clothing. 

* Scratches or dulling of smooth surfaces 
Jewellery with smooth surfaces can be dulled by tiny scratches. In the case of a piece of jewellery that consists of several components those scratches can arise because the components move over or against each other. 

* Breaking of necklace or bracelet 
KAYA only offers necklaces and bracelets of high quality. 
If your chain breaks anyway (for example by being caught behind something or because a small child grabs the chain) this is exempt from warranty. 

* Damage caused by improper cleaning 
A piece of jewellery is a delicate subject that is often made of soft, sensitive materials (such as silver). Damage caused by improper cleaning (eg. by sanding or using chemicals) does explicitly not fall within the warranty. 

Repair - within 3 months

Of course, we understand your disappointment if your jewellery is not covered by our warranty. Therefore, we offer the following solution for jewellery that has been purchased not more than three months ago:

- Silverplated Pearl Bracelet: we can make and send you a new bracelet for a symbolic price of £6.
- Silver Pearl Bracelet / Pearl Necklace:
 we can make and send you a new bracelet or necklace for a symbolic price of £8.
- Other jewellery: you will receive a 40% discount for a replacement piece of jewellery

To make use of this repair service, we ask you to mail an explanation and a picture of the broken jewellery to [email protected]. We will then contact you.

Company details

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